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A people-centric HR solution to give you an engaged and productive workforce, from wherever. Our simple goal is to make HR a strategy centre for organisations.

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People Data

A full suite of employee records capturing and custom metadata for everything about your employees. We give you a single and secure source of truth for your organisation and arm you with easy retrieval of intelligence

Payroll: Finance Act 2020

Our simple but mature compensation module gives you flexibility to achieve all your payroll vision for your organisation. We provide timesheet payments for workforces, 401K and benefit tracking to suite your enterprise needs


Maximise employee satisfaction with HRIS self-service for every module. Employees are most engaged when they can get quick resolutions to their queries and our HRIS system provides the ultimate DIY for enterprises


A modern approach to performance management for your team. We provide tooling for documenting and accessing scorecards of your team members and a collaboration platform for manager-subordinate interactions

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1. What does Oxus HRIS cost?
Pricing for Oxus HRIS varies primarily on the number of employees at your organization and managed services level. Contact Us or email sales@evincesystems.com for more details for your organization
2. Does Oxus HRIS include a payroll module?
Yes. Oxus HRIS includes a very mature payroll module that can handle different payment types, wage garnishments, 401K and contributory pensions, standing orders, advances, loans, leave allowances, timesheets and so much more.
3. Do I pay annually?
Yes. You pay an annual fee that usually depends on the number of employees in your organization, the deployment model and the service level.
4. Which company provides Oxus HRIS?
Evince Nigeria Limited is currently the implementor of Oxus HRIS software in Nigeria.
5. Can I request a demo?
Please use the Contact Us form to request a demo.
6. How long does it take to setup fully?
We will get you up in a week to start using the solution. But a full implementation requires organizational setup, trainings and processes that usually take 4 weeks to 6 weeks.
7. Do you handle payroll and HR consulting?
We handle HR and Payroll consulting through a network of partners. Contact Us for quotes and information.
8. Can you handle my tax, pension and other statutory requirements?
We handle HR and Payroll consulting through a network of partners. Contact Us us for quotes and information.
9. How secure is my data?
We handle the security of your data very seriously. Check out our security page for details.
10. Can I pay employees through my bank?
We let you generate bank schedules within the application. These bank schedules can be easily uploaded in your banking portal.
11. Do you do customisations?
The system is very customizable and we usually do these customizations during implementation.
12. What about general HR & Payroll training?
We coordinate periodical trainings through our network of partners. You can also request trainings for your organization.
13. Is there a mobile application?
Yes. There is an Android application. The web application is also a progressive web application that can be installed on Android or IOS.
14. Do you support time-tracking?
Yes, we have a robust time tracking application for workforces.
15. Do you support performance management?
Oxus HRIS ships with a balanced scorecard performance management module.
16. What if I want to terminate and want my data?
You can request your data on termination of your service, you can also request your data be deleted from our systems.
17. Can I request custom development work?
Yes, we handle custom development work for enterprises.